Unifinished Business 中途半端に終わったこと

Today's download:

"Your past - matters, people resurface for you to deal with again. They suddenly pop up again just so you can see how YOU have changed. Also it is an opportunity for you to bring your "unfinished businesses" to a final conclusion of LOVE."

I see those "unfinished" businesses keep coming back because something is left for me to deal with to bring them to a final conclusion - of LOVE/ Positive Energy. I feel this Universe is primarily based on LOVE frequency (= frequency of Creation) and anything that does not resonate at this frequency, would be subject to correction - no matter how "long" it takes in the "human time". This means that it can go beyond one life time. For example, if you have grudges against someone from your past, you can release those grudges when the opportunity present itself.

There seems to be a "thermostat" of Love frequency in this Universe. Which is why our body "automatically" heal itself when there is a damage done to it.  
If you keep the grudges against someone, you will be presented the same opportunity to finally bring it to a conclusion of Forgiveness and then Love (unconditional). You may meet the same Soul (obviously in a different body and circumstances) in another life time to finally forgive and unconditionally love.

So, you can't really escape the "thermostat". You WILL love, in the end. Could be hundreds of years later.... Lol. Would you like to drag your grudges for that long? Or would you "just do it" now and be done with it?
The choice is YOURS. Either way, the Universe itself is UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING. So, it will let you drag it on for as long as you want.



「 忘れかけた過去の出来事や人がカムバックする現象について。これらがある日突然姿を現すのは、それらについてまだ未解決なことがあるという意味があります。そして、あなた自身がどう変わったかを、再度自分自身で体験し、解決する機会でもあります。解決とは、すなわち、ポジティブな結末にする、ということです。」


さて、この宇宙は「無償の愛」の波動が基本になっているようで、言ってみれば、プリセットされた温度が「無償の愛」になっているので、それ以外の温度は「無償の愛」 温度に自動調節される、という仕組み。ですから、傷を負ったりすると、身体は頭で考えなくても「自動的に」治癒し始めます。





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